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What is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy(NPWT)?


    Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) signifies to wound dressing systems that intermittently or continuously apply sub-atmospheric pressure on the wound bed for its positive effects on wound healing. Applying negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound surface through exclusive polyurethane reticulated foam-dressing helps to tie wound edges together, eradicate infectious fluid and aggressively stimulate the formation of granulation tissues and production of skin. NPWT has become an increasingly important part of wound management over the last decade.

Why use NPWT?

☻ Stimulates the granulation tissue & reduces the wound size
☻ Helps in desiccation of wound
☻ Help Skin Production
☻ Improves blood circulation
☻ Drains out inflammatory and infected fluid
☻ Clears wound edema
☻ Reduces bacterial load in the wound
☻ Reduces wound odour,
☻ Reduces multiple dressings (Gauze, Saline etc)
☻ Prevents secondary/ cross infection
☻ Controls Exudate
☻ Controls the wound environment and protects the surrounding skin and wound bio-burden
☻ Faster recovery and reduces hospital stay



    A dressing or filler material (PU Open Cell Foam) is fitted to the shapes of a wound which is covered with a non-adherent dressing lm and the overlying PU foam is then sealed with a transparent lm (drape). A drainage (SPBC) tube is connected to the dressing through an opening of the transparent drape. A pump (NPWT i-WAC/ i-WAC Pro Device) is attached to the occlusive dressing and once negative pressure is applied, a vacuum environment is created. A canister on the side of i-WAC Device collects drainage and moisture is drawn away from the wound site. There must be an airtight seal in order for this therapy to be successful. Clinically its advisable dressing should be changed once every 48–72 hours. For infected wounds, dressings may need to be changed more often. Medical professional help to establish the best dressing change schedule for patient.


☻ Chronic wounds associated with osteomyelitis
☻ Fistula to organ or body cavity
☻ Acute, sub-acute, traumatic, open fractures, surgical and dehisced wounds
☻ Non-healing wounds in diabetics
☻ Stage IV pelvic pressure ulcers
☻ Ulcers such as venous, arterial etc.
☻ Partial-Thickness burns
☻ Skin grafts and flaps
☻ Necrotizing fasciitis
☻ Infected wounds
☻ Open abdomen management and closed incisions
☻ Surgical incisions that cannot be closed without tension
☻ First and second stage burns
☻ Closed surgical incisions with continued wound drainage
☻ If wound is not progressing towards healing by conventional dressings

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